Collection: Private Stash Coffees

The items in the private stash are rare and limited in supply. The months of April, May and June are when many of the fresh crop coffees start arriving; so, we have some really fun coffees arriving in early May, such as:

Elida Estate, Catuai Natural Process

This is one of my top three all time favorite coffees, it plays to blue fruit/dark-berry fruits and has a syrupy, dried fruit-like sweetness (think blackberry jam meets a fruit rollup).

Peruvian Geisha

This fruit-driven coffee has a tremendous amount of character and plays to yellow/orange citrus and stone fruit (lemon, meets orange, meets beach) with cherry blossom and jasmine florals.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Island coffees like Jamaican Blue and Kona have a uniquely buttery, rich depth and heavy body. The best Jamaican Blue's are sold to Japan, we always break off a little piece of those lots for the Private Stash!

Women in Trench Town sorting and grading the coffee.


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