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Joey's Story and the Chasing Coffee Connection

Since 1992, I have had the opportunity to experience just about every aspect of the coffee supply chain (aka Value Chain) from the seed where it's grown to the cup where it's enjoyed by the billions everyday throughout the world. The coffee business has provided me the unique opportunity to travel the world exploring remote regions in search of my most prized coffees.

San Felix Gnobe Village, Panama

Traveling through coffee, I've experienced some of the industry's most exceptional achievements in flavor and aroma, but the very greatest discovery I've made along the way has been the incredible people, their beautiful families and the amazing places they call home.



Photo: Daterra Coffee Estate, Brazil

I've always considered coffee's greatest virtue to be its magnetism for conversation. Coffee builds relationships with people in whom you would otherwise have nothing in common. 


Photo: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Whether it’s a street vendor selling coffee in Ethiopia.


 Photo: Siguatepeque, Honduras

Playing soccer with coffee kids in Honduras or sampling the latest harvest at a lab in Brazil, through coffee, you experience a commonality with people, that, in many respects, transcends the language barrier. 




In France, coffee is conversation, in Ethiopia it's friendship, to the Japanese it's the art of perfection and in the United States it's that moment of solace before the chaos of the day unleashes. My hope is that you will find discovery, escape and the building of great memories through coffee. Find a nice perch, brew a cup of one of my favorites and enjoy. The view is better up here.